The Wilton Fire Protection District is a team-oriented organization that consists of 1 staffed fire station, 2 resident volunteer fire stations, 3 full time captains and a combination of volunteer shift firefighters as well as resident volunteer firefighters. The District provides fire suppression and emergency medical assistance to residents located within its 59-square-mile boundary. Adding volunteer members to our staffing is extremely vital to the success of our district. We rely on their assistance when multiple calls come in or when large incidents occur that require more personnel.

We are committed to working together towards building a stronger, safer community and are truly grateful and proud to serve the citizens of Wilton.


The District was incorporated on January 29, 1942. Over the years, the District has implemented many changes that have successfully enhanced its operation. Fire personnel continue to put the community of Wilton as their top priority to provide emergency services.

The first fire station was located next door to the Dillard Store at Dillard Road and Wilton Road. Our Resident Volunteers were alerted to an alarm via Volunteer Dispatchers who were Storekeepers at both the Wilton Store and the Dillard Store. Both Stores had a phone-tree of our Resident Firefighters which they implemented after the receipt of an alarm. The first arriving firefighter to the station, would take an engine and respond to the location. Others enroute went directly to the incident to assist the first arriving engine.

Old Wilton Fire Engine
Old Wilton Fire Engine
Old Wilton Fire Engine
Old Wilton Fire Engine

As time moved forward, the district purchased air-raid sirens that were triggered by the dispatcher that took the call. The sirens could be heard throughout the community, improving response times. As the 70’s approached, Plectron personal pagers which resembled small suit cases were issued to our resident volunteers, ultimately providing them with more information regarding the type of call prior to them leaving their home.

As our call volume increased, our department teamed up with the “Central Dispatch” at Fire Station 51 in Florin. “Central Dispatch” later joined Sacramento County Dispatch to form a Joint Powers Authority known as “Sacramento Regional Fire/EMS Communications Center.” They are a present partner of Wilton Fire Protection District today.

On April 1, 2003 the Internship Program was implemented. This program consisted of 1 on duty Volunteer Company Officer and 3 on duty Volunteer Shift Firefighters. These fire personnel worked 24 hour shifts providing constant coverage 365 days a year. The current staffing model now consists of 1 full time Company Officer, 3 Volunteer Shift Firefighters and 1 Firefighter Intern per shift that continues to provide the constant staffing.

Mission Statement:

Committed to the care and protection of the community we serve.


  • Honor the public trust by exceeding expectations.
  • Provide a positive internal environment that promotes trust and commitment.
  • Acting in the best interest of the public.
  • Ensure efficient use of resources in order to maximize levels of service.

Core Values:

  • Integrity – With honesty as our foundation, we will always do right.
  • Professionalism – A personal commitment to exceed expectations of our profession in our attitude, ability, and appearance.
  • Teamwork – A partnership of coordinated effort based on trust, empowerment, support, and communication.
  • Service before Self – Recognizing and placing the needs of others before our own.